Many people think that the only way to have a relaxing vacation is to leave your hometown. And while there are great places to visit in Canada and around the world, traveling—both the act and the planning—can be down right exhausting. So, the next time you are looking for some R&R, come stay with us for night without ever leaving the city

At Hillhurst Sunnyside Community BnB, we’ll give you a good night’s sleep and a delicious meal. We know that our name says Bed and Breakfast, but we actually provide all three meals! And, we’ll give you a list of local places to check out that, some of them you may have never heard of. Whether you want to spend the day reading and drinking coffee or playing tourist, we’ll help give you the experience you want. We are also great for kids and offer family-friendly activities! 

Maybe you just need a location to host a baby or bridal shower? Or, a community organizing meeting? We got you covered. Rent out living room space for a more relaxing environment, and we’ll include tea and pastries in the price. Or, for additional fee, we can cater an entire meal. We can even offer reduced rates for your out-of-town guests.  

At Hillhurst, we provide ourselves on being a member of the community, so check us out for an staycation or your next event!

Dos and Don’ts

Staying in a bed and breakfast may feel so fancy compared to a hotel, but you don’t have to dress to the nines to be one of our guests. However, there is a proper etiquette when staying in someone else’s home. So, before you next stay at Hillhurst, reviewed these polite suggestions: 

  • While you love your pet, and I am sure we would to, we can’t accommodate any animals. We want to make sure we offer a safe and happy place for all of our guests, and some guests may be allergic or afraid of animals.  
  • Please be mindful of check-in and check-out times. Especially during busy seasons, we need to have rooms ready for the next guest, so we can’t accommodate late checkouts or early check ins. However, we can hold your luggage and offer you a meal if your room is not yet ready.  
  • Please be respectful of the designated areas. In the common spaces, please clean up after yourself. If you get a snack from our kitchen (and we hope you do!), return the items to their spaces and wash your dishes. Also, if an area is designated private, please do not cross the boundary. In order to make our BnB successful, we need to have certain areas off limits to guests.   
  • Keep in mind that a family lives in that space, too. You are in someone’s home, and while you are paying them for the room, please leave it like you found it.  
  • Ask for our recommendations! We know and love Calgary, so we can give you tons of tips on what to do, where to eat, what to see. If you are worried about safety or get around, check in with us and will give you tips. We also have discounts to some local dining and entertainment establishments, so check with us before going out.  
  • Follow the rules for mealtimes. In order to best accommodate everyone, meal times are schedule at very specific times. Please don’t show up late or ask for a full meal outside of that time. We won’t be able to meet those requests.  
  • Please obey the rules. We make these very clear on our website so you know what to expect when you arrive. If you want a place for an after party, you may want to stay elsewhere  
  • Ask! If you need a new towel or some shampoo, go ahead and ask! We have plenty of extras for you, and we are happy to help in whatever way.  

Staying at a BnB is a really fun experience, but you must be respectful of the space and the rules put into place. If you can do that, you will have a great experience!

Visit Chicago!

We are so excited to announce some very BIG news – we are home another Airbnb in Chicago!  

Jennifer’s in-laws are from Chicago, and it’s her favorite city that starts with a C, outside of Calgary of course! She and her family visit the Windy City at least twice a year, and when Jennifer started thinking about opening up a second BnB it only made sense to do it in Chicago.  

For a few months, Jen has been scanning reality sites, hoping to find the perfect spot, and then one day, she saw a listing for a nine-bedroom home in Chicago’s beautiful Andersonville neighborhood. It felt like fate, and she knew that she needed to take the opportunity to expand. Thankfully, everything fell into the place, and the new BnB will be opening sometime later this year!  

Because Chicago has a lot to offer, this BnB will have a different kind of feel. While we are open to business travelers and couples, in Chicago, we’ll focus on catering to families and large groups, many of which have a hard time find accommodations in the big city.  

Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood is the perfect spot for our BnB. It’s not right next to downtown, rather it’s a quiet, more-family oriented neighborhood. There are some beautiful homes nearby and you’ll feel safe walking around at night. Andersonville itself is an upcoming neighborhood with tons of great restaurants, bars, theaters, and shops. And, if you want to get downtown for an evening, the train is nearby. Plus, it’s within walking distance to a quiet beach area. If you are looking for a trip to Chicago that allows you to see the city beyond the tourist traps, Andersonville is a great spot.  

We’ll be posting more when we have a launch day, and we’ll also have some specials for those who have stayed with us in Calgary. For now, we are just so excited that this dream is finally becoming a reality!

B&B > Hotel

Ah, the old age debate – which is better, bed and breakfasts or hotels? Well, there are pros and cons to both, but we are adamant that BnBs when each time. Why? Well, let us explain.  

There used to be a time when traveling meant exploring a new city, getting to know its people and culture. It wasn’t this just fly in and fly out for the cheapest price business that we often see today. And, bed and breakfasts presented the perfect way to really get a taste for a place, not the same hotel you can find in every city across the country.  

BnBs are personal. You are getting the chance to stay in someone’s house, to be a part of their family. They open up their beds and kitchens to you and will help you feel like a member of the community. Hosts of BnBs actually care about your stay. They want you to be as comfortable as you would in your own house, but also give you enough motivation and excitement to explore the city.  

And, unlike in hotels, you will meet the other guests. We have been the starting place to many, many life-long friends and a few marriages.  

Plus, you will get a great breakfast. None of this pre-cooked eggs business.  

So, the next time you are traveling and really want to see a place, or if you are going through a city for a night and want something that isn’t stale, try a bed and breakfast. 

Calgary Activities

Did you know that Calgary is one of top 52 places to visit in 2019? Well, it is and the honor is no surprise to us! 

So what should you do in Calgary? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.  

First, there is the Calgary Zoo, which is home to more than 1,400 animals. There is also an aquarium! You can also check out Spruce Meadows if you are a fan of equestrian. Sports fans will want to be sure to check out the Canada Olympic Park, which was home to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. Or, attend a Calgary Flames game at the Scotiabank Stadium.  

If you are looking for some great parks to tour, you can’t go wrong with Prince’s Island Park and Heritage Park. We also recommend a walk along Stephen Avenue to for the city’s best shopping.  

Weather isn’t great? Spend the day at Glenbow Museum, known as one of the best museums in all of Canada. Or, see Calgary from the top at the Calgary Tower, which is 626 feet high! 

But that is just the start. There is so much more to do in Calgary, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our fair city! 

Our Food

Our food is cooked straight from the heart.

As part of the bread and breakfast motif, all of our meals are freshly made in our kitchen. You will never find anything from a package around here! We have an experience chef and baker on staff, whether you want a flaky scone with breakfast or mini sandwiches for a bridal shower. To give you an idea of our wide variety of meals and food, here is a sample of a two-day menu.  

Day 1: 

Breakfast – maple bacon, eggs (ordered your way), lemon ricotta pancakes, and coffee 

Lunch – strawberry mozzarella salad, chicken or veggie panini, and fresh fruit 

Happy Hour – creamy hummus, crackers, vegetables, and your choice of wine or craft beer 

Dinner – creamy carrot soup with bread, mushroom risotto, charred cabbage, and assorted pastries 

Day 2: 

Breakfast – cheddar and bacon or vegetable quiche, fresh fruit, cranberry organe scones, and coffee 

Lunch – tortilla soup, guacamole, tortilla chips, and Mexican churros 

Happy Hour – assorted cheeses, crackers, and your choice of wine or craft beer 

Dinner – Caesar salad, braised short rib or vegan pasta with a pesto, grilled vegetables, and ice cream 

Man, this list is making us hungry! Also, for Calgary residents, we are open to the public for dinner every third Saturday of the month. We hope you come to visit us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to invite people into our home, make them feel like family. That’s while you will find homemade meals, freshly pressed sheets, and a welcoming face. We’ll be there to give you a tour of the city or offer a few suggestions and send you off on your own. The experience is yours to tailor and we’ll provide whatever we can. Additionally, we offer discounts at local restaurants and theaters.  

We also a great place for your new office or community retreat. While we are a home away from home for those visiting Calgary, we are heavily involved in local activities and would like to know more about your efforts to improve the community and how we can help us.  

Either way, we look forward to seeing you in Hillhurst soon! 

Our Story

Hello! Welcome to the blog of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Bed and Breakfast. We are a small BnB located in the Hillhurst neighborhood of Calgary. Join us for a few minutes as we share our story.  

Our founder, Jennifer, started the BnB back in 2001. Originally from New York, Jen came to Calgary for a client meeting, and she immediately fell in love with the city. Soon, she was coming up with excuses for more business trips to Calgary, eventually coming here often for pleasure. She hit a lull in her career, and she decided it was time for change. Of course, this new chapter of her life would definitely happen in Calgary.  

Jen actually grew up in BnB in upstate with her family, and while she was less enthused about the situation while growing up, she started to miss that environment as an adult. With her own family, she knew this how she wanted to raise her kids, so she quit her job, left New York, and opened the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community BnB. 

Opening Your Home to Strangers

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It seems like such a lovely idea – open up a bed and breakfast – and it is really great. We love having a job that allows us to meet people from all over the world. We enjoy being able to open our home to these people and offer a warm place to stay and a delicious meal, but sometimes it can be straining.  

Unfortunately, not everyone is as respectful as you would hope they would be. Some people will wander into our private bedrooms, which are clearly marked, and pick up our things. Once, I came out of the kitchen to find a guest wearing my bathroom at the dining room table! I have no idea how he got it, but there he ways, wearing my polka dot robe and drinking coffee! People also like to pick through the photos and items we have on display. Sometimes, they also think these are for the taking – THEY ARE NOT.  

The hardest part, though, is that this is both our family home and our business, and it’s hard to separate them. Our kids aren’t as comfortable inviting people over after school because they don’t know which guests will be here and if they’ll be upset by a bunch of teenagers hanging around. We also don’t get many holidays to ourselves, although we do close for two weeks every spring so we can have family time.  

It is hard at times, but it’s worth it to have such a wonderful business. For the most part, we love our guests and we are happy to keep doing this for years!