Our Story

Hello! Welcome to the blog of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Bed and Breakfast. We are a small BnB located in the Hillhurst neighborhood of Calgary. Join us for a few minutes as we share our story.  

Our founder, Jennifer, started the BnB back in 2001. Originally from New York, Jen came to Calgary for a client meeting, and she immediately fell in love with the city. Soon, she was coming up with excuses for more business trips to Calgary, eventually coming here often for pleasure. She hit a lull in her career, and she decided it was time for change. Of course, this new chapter of her life would definitely happen in Calgary.  

Jen actually grew up in BnB in upstate with her family, and while she was less enthused about the situation while growing up, she started to miss that environment as an adult. With her own family, she knew this how she wanted to raise her kids, so she quit her job, left New York, and opened the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community BnB.